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Hello! We hope that everyone is doing well while we long for days to return to normal. We cannot wait to get back into the swing of wedding season, and hope that we can have some semblance of normalcy this summer! While we’ve had some extra down time, we decided to come up with our own list of what we feel are the most important wedding photography tips to keep in mind both leading up to, and during your wedding day!

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This is by far the number 1 most important tip from our perspective. We pride ourselves on our seldom use of flash. Think about the location and how you can utilize outdoor space to get some beautiful shots. Is there a park near by? A designated outdoor space specifically for the wedding party? Windows throughout the venue? All of these are great!

This is so important. That rain in the forecast, let’s turn it into something memorable and beautiful. Snow? Great! No matter how well you planned every detail, the unexpected can hit, and we’ll be there to help capture it in a way that makes it seem like you planned it all along!

Whether this be your own personal collection, or on a Pinterest board. Gathering stylistic ideas is key when communicating with your photographer. We’ve fine tuned our style and editing profile, but we’ll review your boards with you and incorporate pieces of that into your wedding photos!

This one can be tough! There are so many moving pieces during this stage of the day, the last thing on your mind is going to be keeping the bridal suite clean. We understand and can always work around what we’re given. Just a little foresight, maybe a designated space for bags? A side table out of the way for snacks? Those are good starting point!

Take some time before the day of your wedding to scope out the area and find a couple spots that you would love to visit for some pictures! We live by the less is more philosophy here! A couple perfect stops are better than driving all over the city. Don’t worry, we’ll do the same and provide some ideas as well!

Ultimately this comes down to your personal preference and desires, but we love the first look before the ceremony! Allows a lot more time for wedding party photos including the soon to be newlyweds! And the first look photos themselves?? Priceless!

A generalization, and may be specific to Newer Studios?? And we don’t mean straight up ignore us all day, just for the most part! We pride ourselves on capturing the moments even if you don’t see us. Your photographer should always be around, not needing to be found! Let us capture your day while you go about everything as planned! Keeping in mind tip #2 πŸ˜‰

No better time to adapt a photography tip into our daily lives! With everything going on, it’s important to take a moment to step back and smile. Do something that makes you smile; play with your kids, call your mom (Hi Mom!), send that meme to your fiance. In the context of weddings, remember to smile during your first dance, when walking down the aisle, and throughout the whole day! You’ll probably be doing it anyway 😁

We love this one! It gives you a great idea of what working alongside your photographer on your wedding day will be like! Engagement photos are so fun and can be used for your social media announcement and ‘save the dates’!

The best candid photos come from the most genuine moments. Those are most often captured when people are just being themselves! Remember to enjoy your day and take a deep breath. Keep an eye on our blog, we’ll compile this list for easy reference in the next day or so!

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